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Stuck N The Rut believes that often the outcome of a hunt, and definitely the enjoyment depends on the gear you use. This could be something as simple as the boots you choose to wear in any given season.

After spending countless time and money trying to find reliable gear, the team has discovered some products that have proven themselves to be superior in quality and performance. We are happy to share our opinions, good or bad, with you so you can also have the best experience possible.

Our goal is to help fellow hunters and outdoorsmen and women by suggesting gear that we have proven, so that you all don't have to spend countless dollars and hours expiramenting for yourself. This page is dedicated to showing you the specific gear we have chosen to use in our own hunting.

We hope that these links and suggestions help you all. Feel free to leave us feedback in a message.

Kenetrek Boots

The Stuck N The Rut team has tried many different kinds of boots.

We discovered Kenetrek boots three years ago, and have been loyal customers ever since. These are the toughest boot we have found, they are stiff and require a couple day break in period but Travis still wears his first pair 3 hunting seasons later. They look rough but still give great support and dry feet at the end of each day.

Visit to check them out.

G-Seven Rangefinder

We became interested in long range after watching brothers Aaron & Mike Davidson shooting longrange on TV. We have since formed a relationship with them and shoot their rifles and use their gear.  They are hardworking successful businessmen and we believe they are the leaders in the long range technology.

The G-Seven range finder is the best in it's class, and we never leave home without it. It has aided us to precisely judge many long range shots and ensure a good kill shot. 

Check out this informational video! 

Blacks Creek Packs

SNTR has been searching for the perfect pack system for years, and believe we found it at Blacks Creek, their Remedy 7 line, made in Caldwell, Idaho  blew us away.

John and Sandy Caster are committed to quality, and take great care in the design and manufacture of their packs.

The SNTR team is going to put these packs to the full test this hunting season, so stay tuned for gear reviews and instructional videos. 

Check out their full line of gear at


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